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Pregnant Woman


A holistic women's health practice specializing in pelvic health, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and functional nutrition. 

Doula at Home

Women's / Pelvic Health


Pelvic floor physical therapy is a critical tool in the conservative management of urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, constipation, sexual dysfunction & more. We take a holistic integrative approach by addressing muscular strength, coordination and mobility required for healthy pelvic floor function, in addition to providing education regarding healthy bowel and bladder habits and establishing diet and lifestyle modifications. 

Pregnancy Test

Mercier Fertility


Mercier Therapy is a deep pelvic organ visceral manipulation modality. When increasing mobility you're optimizing the true function of the area and helping to return blood flow which is therapeutic.

  • Natural fertility preparation or to   Complement IVF, IUI, etc.

  • Regulate menstrual cycle and ovulation

  • Normalize hormone and endocrine systems

  • Improve ovarian and hormone function for better
    quality follicles/eggs

  • Increase uterine blood flow and lining

  • Deeply relaxing – reducing anxiety & stress

  • Improve the success of IVF, IUI, and other technologies

  • Improve Male Factor sperm quality, quantity, and motility

  • Decrease miscarriage

  • Addresses: High FSH, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Premature Ovarian Failure, Luteal Phase defects, Endometriosis, Autoimmune infertility, and Recurrent Miscarriage


Birth Doula

Doulas nurture and support the birthing person throughout labor and birth. Their essential role is to provide continuous labor support to the mother, no matter what decisions the mother makes or how she gives birth. Labor support is defined as the therapeutic presence of another person, in which human-to-human interaction with caring behaviors is practiced (EBB). As a Certified Birth With Spirit Doula, the focus is on the *whole* person – the sensitive balance of physical, emotional, psychological  and spiritual that makes up each person as a truly unique individual.

Mother Baby Bonding

Certified Lactation 


A Certified Lactation Counselor® (CLC®) demonstrates the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to provide clinical breastfeeding counseling and management support to families who are thinking about breastfeeding or who have questions or problems during the course of breastfeeding/lactation. CLCs are dedicated to the promotion, protection, and support of breastfeeding and human lactation in their work to prevent and solve breastfeeding problems. They understand that breastfeeding works best when it is the cultural norm and when the provider of lactation support and services is culturally competent.

Super Health Food

Nutritional Consultation

Nutrition is a key component of many conditions managed by physical therapists, including pelvic pain, arthritis, tendinosis, headaches, low back and neck pain, and inflammatory conditions. A physical therapist’s scope of practice can include nutrition and how it directly affects recovery and function during the rehabilitation and wellness process. We have a passion for whole food nutrition and gut health to maximize patient outcomes. Certified as a women's health functional nutrition coach, Dr. Trina can help guide you on your health journey. 

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