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How is your summer going with kiddos?

Kids testing boundaries? Daily tantrums? Meltdowns? Aggressive behavior?

Anyone wish there was a parent handbook on how to handle these?

Have you read multiple books on how to raise children, follow expert social media accounts? Only to be more confused? Or wish a birdie was on your shoulder telling you how to respond?

I thoroughly enjoy my kids, love them to pieces, and wouldn’t changed them! But my golly some days I feel like my kids take over and I find myself REACTING vs RESPONDING.

Vulnerable moment: Some days I just cry begging God to show me how to parent my kids.

Come listen to TWO amazing women and mamas themselves, who are both professionals in childhood development and behavior. This dynamic duo of a pediatric occupational therapist and kindergarten teacher have provided me with so much insight and tools to use in my home. I cannot wait to listen in again and soak up even more info.

Sarah & Cassie are dear friends of mine so gracious to give up time with their families to share so many valuable tools!

This is perfect for parents of kids of all ages, soon to be new parents, teachers and other therapists. We can always learn from each other, it is very humbling experience.

Thursday evening July 14 @ 6:30PM at Winning Edge in Versailles!

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